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Horizon Quiltmaker Memory Craft 15000 (9mm Embrodery and Sewing Machine)

Horizon Quiltmaker Memory Craft 15000 (9mm Embrodery and Sewing Machine)
When you create with fabric and thread, every project is a journey.  Where you end up and how you get there is all up to you… and your machine.  With wireless connectivity via your iPad or PC to the Horizon Quilt Maker MC15000 you’ll be there in no time…with 6 Janome iOS APP’s, Horizon Link Suite software and a large quantity of standard feet and accessories. The work-area size is fantastic, plenty of bed space for projects of all sizes. Plus, the Quilt Maker version has a ruler foot for Quilt Ruler work. This makes the machine more versatile in its features and capabilities, you are able to create so much more. The Horizon MC15000 comes standard with our largest hoop and has the largest colour touch screen we’ve ever made! No matter which direction you head, the Horizon MC15000 can take you there.

Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 150000 features:
  • Embroidery, Sewing, Quilting
  • Wifif
  • 6 Janome Apps (ioS)
  • 11 Inch workspace
  • 5 standard hoops
  • 280mm or 11 inches of workspace
  • Pivot function
  • Easy change needle plate
  • Machine screen, high definition bright backlit LCD colour touch screen with 16 million colours
  • 510 built in stitches 
  • 9mm stitch width
  • 13 Button holes
  • Stitch tapering function
  • 91 Needle positions
  • Presser foot lift button
  • Foot pressure, automatic, has a fabric thickness sensor
  • Embroidery speed, up to 1000 stitches per minute
  • 480 Built in embroidery designs
  • Maximum embroidery area 230 x 300mm
  • 11 built in embroidery fonts
  • Built in letter monogramming
  • 5 standard embroidery hoops
  • Needle threader, automatic
  • Upper feed device, AcuFeed Flex (removable dual feed system - twin type and single type)
  • Lighting 10 white LED lights including retractable high light
  • Nachine ports 2 USB ports, 1 PC port
  • 26 Standard sewing feet
  • Extra wide table
  • Built in memory 4 MB
  • Machine size W624 x H320 x D260mm
  • Machine size with Embroidery arm attached W624 x H320 x D37mm
  • 15.7Kg Machine only
  • 3.5Kg Embroidery unit only
  • Free arm length, 10inches or 254mm much longer than a standard machine
  • Embossed measures, 15 inches of stainless steel plate in the sewing bed with embossed measurements
  • Quick reference chart in lid of machine
  • Stitch length up to 5 mm
  • Speed control slide
  • Stitch elongation x 5
  • Favourite stitch, yes all stitches including buttonholes. 2 save memories per stitch
  • Mirror image stitches, 100 stitches can be flipped horizonatally and vertically
  • Startover, if you start stitching and need to start again, press the startover ket and the stitch will reset to the beginning Great for decorative stitches.
  • Bobbin winder, independent motor an full bobbin sensor
  • Set Menu, personalize your machine functions and machie lighting via the set menu
  • Fonts in normal sew, block, script, broadwayand a cyrillic font
  • AcuFeed balance dial, when AcuFeed engaged allows you to adjust feed if the fabric ispuckering on top or below
  • Drop feed
  • Superior plus feed system, 7 piece feed dog, no more fabric slipping, puckering and shifting
  • Needle plate, has patented needle plate markings for precision sewing with needle drop position, angle marks and sewing guides in front of sewing foot
  • Thread cutter, automatic programmable thread cutter, cuts top and bobbin thread at the same time, pulling top thread to underside
  • Stop/Start button, can sew without foot control, hold button when start sewing and machine sews slow, same at end of sewing press and hold button machine will sew slow
  • Needle Up/Down function, you can memorise this  function, needle can remain in down position in fabric when sto sewing or in up position.
  • Auto lock-off stitch button, locks off your stitching at the push of button
  • Lock button, a saftey function which locks the machine, should be activated when threading, changing the needle or chaning sewing foot 
  • Reverse button
  • AcuGuide cloth guide, ensures exact seam allowances are maintained
  • Magnifier, 3 adjustable acuview magnifiers
  • Adjustable knee lifter, raises/lowers the sewing foot
  • Variable zig zag, free motion stitching using zig zag stitch
  • Embroidery unit, removable embroidery unit. Sleek linear motion embroidery system
  • Maximum stitches per design 200,000
  • Upper thread sensor
  • Bobbin thread sensor
  • Real time moitoring of needle position during embroidery stitch out
  • 5 Embroidery hoops
  • Software, Horizon link suite is exclusively for MC15000 includes sending embroidery designs wirelessly beween computer and machine, real time connectivity link via USB cable to machine, design editing, lettering, access to built in embroidery designs, AcuFil Tool quilting stippling in the hoop, Stitch composer ability to create your own stitches screen saver tool help movies on machine functions, USB driver for MC15000
  • Storage in the lid of machine, sotre your everyday feet plus the large accessory box gives you front, rear and under the free arm storage
  • Carry Handle, long handle slots neatly around the top of machine
  • Janome accessory carring case, holds 40 plus standard accessories
  • Foot control, large style including thread cutter foot switch

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