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February 2013

Hand Sew Needles – Types & Uses

No matter what type of sewing that you are doing eventually it will require hand sewing and the use of a hand sew needle.  The main types of needles such as doll needles, crewels, quilting/betweens, darners, sharps, milliners/straws, knitters, tapestry, chenille, ballpoint, leather, curved and beading were explored along with the humble needle threader.

Hand Sew Needle Information Guide

To bring a bit more of a machine emphasis into the subject a needle book project was on show and a demonstration of the hand held machine needle threader. 
Kanzashi Flower Maker and Yo-Yo Alternative

Similar to the Clover Yo-Yo Maker is the new Kanzashi Flower Maker tool.  This easily makes flowers with individual petals so you can use different coloured fabric.  You will also see another way that you can utilize the Yo-Yo Makers to create your own special fabric.


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