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May 2015

Walking Foot

The walking foot is a versatile accessory. It can also be referred to as an even feed foot (because this is what it does, feeds the fabric evenly from the top) and then there is the different ‘types’ or ‘terminologies’ within the Janome machine range such as AcuFeed or AcuFlex.
A walking foot is great when you wish to sew thick fabrics, such as through your quilt sandwich (either when attaching binding or for straight line quilting), satin or evening fabrics which are liable to pucker in the seam lines, velvet type fabrics which ‘move’ when sewn, matching checks or plaids and also useful when sewing knit fabrics.
A guide can be attached to the walking foot to use as an aid to create your lines of quilting, for example diagonals or squares.
Throughout our demonstration/talk about the walking foot there will be a theme of ‘capes’. We will have a series of capes (the new fashionable version of the jacket for winter) on display that have been sewn using the walking foot.


Creating the perfect seam when using a checked or plaid fabric

I will show you one way of creating a perfectly matched seam when sewing a fabric with a check or plaid (in particular a very detailed plaid). This is more of a couturier method

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